the most incredible creations come from the depths of our souls to manifest themselves in this material plane so we can make beautiful objects for our collectors to buy & wear them as beautiful art pieces. objects de art from precious metals, sparkling gems, natural materials & found objects.

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Handmade One Of a Kind Jewelry
created in
Edom, Texas

    Our one of a kind handmade jewelry is fabricated from precious metals combined with found objects, natural materials, and stones, precious and otherwise. Each piece of our wearable Art is constructed by one of us or a collaboration between us.
     The combination of materials,the design and direction each piece takes allows us the joy and excitement of exploring unusual materials, shapes  and colors.  

     We, as artists today, are the shapers of myths for tomorrow. Our ideas interpret past, present, and future experiences as we perceive them. All art forms are the definitive influence of society on us, its’ artists, its’ interpreters, its creators of myths. Our task in today’s society is the creation of works that explore a combination of materials encompassing all of these influences.

     Our concentration on integrating sophisticated naturalism with precious metals lets us link our future visions with the primal spiritualism of our ancestors. Using the natural character of materials paired with polished surfaces and colored planes gives the forms of our creations “spirit.”

     “Ancient Futurism” is our concept of this societal experience. With the freedom to explore and to be influenced by our materials --- OUR WORK BECOMES THE MATERIALIZATION OF OUR IMAGINATION.

                                                          Zeke & Marty

Zeke & Marty
8271 FM 279
Edom, Texas 75754


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